Captain Ken back then
Captain Ken in the late 70's, early 80's
Ken now
My daughter and I New Years 2010 in NY




Sorry to disappoint you but, I'm not a Captain of any ship. This is a nickname I picked up in the late 1970's. This was during the "Captains Rock N' Roll Parties" and time served running the "Pumpkiin Tree" in Cudahy, Wi.




About This Site

This site consists of a variety of topics that I attempt to cover. They range from Windows Operating System, to computer hardware, video editing for the novice and professional, religion, parenting, kids, family videos, etc. If you're a up and coming web developer, there is an abundance of links that will get you on your way. In fact, I've made available the very cool custom utilities I used to auto generate code to create a page of hyperlinkin and the lightbox/shadow box galleries! Hopefully, I'll save you the countless hours I've spent tracking down this information. If you're new to video editing you'll learn about your choice in editors as well as numerous resources to get and keep you going. If you're not new to video editing, then you'll probably find some helpful information and links as well. If your preferred editor is Sony Vegas Pro, then the Vegas page should be the most rebost source of Vegas resources anywhere!

I have attempted to take great care in assuring that all links were working when this newly designed site first went live at the beginning of 2011. Please note that any links pointing to pages on sites other then mine will open in a new window. I have done this for your convenience so you won't loose your place on this site. I encourage you to please email me regarding anything that appears broken and/or if you have content you feel would be relavent to add. Likewise, if you find something incorrect let me know as well. If there is a section that is not completed, let me know and I'll jump on it right away for you.

The colored navigation bar at the bottom of every page, should make it a breeze to navigate the site.

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