Remembering Gregg's Pumpkin Tree

If you remember, then perhaps you'll remember me..."The Captain".

I'd appreciated some help identifying everyone, send me an email.

You should also remember one of the songs that was song by the entire bar!
David Allan Coe - (Rodeo Song) You piss me off, you fucking jerk

business card
Pumpkin Tree Dollar - Front
Pumpkin Tree Dollar - Back


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Here's an article I found in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal about some previous owners.
I assume they might be who Greg bought it from. However, I don't know what it says since I don't have a subscription. If you have access to this full article I'd really appreciate it if you could please send me a copy.

!! Customers and Crew !!

!! Pumpkin Tree Polar Bear Club - New Years Day 1983 !!

!! Ironwood Michigan Ski Trip !!

!! Mash Party !!

!! Halloween Party 1992 !!

!! Christmas Party !!

!! Party Signs !!

!! Pumpkin Tree YouTube Videos !!

Pumpkin Tree Polar Bears at Bradford Beach on Ch 12 News Milwaukee, Tom Andrews reporting New Years Day 1983

I have a lot more videos from the Pumpkin Tree, but they're on Beta tapes.
Once I find a place to get my player cleaned, then I'll post the videos here.

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